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Various Artists - London Booted

  • Various Artists - London Booted

Double 12" Vinyl LP - Mash Up Compilation feat:

A1 Blo_up– Burnin
A2 Dunproofin– Bubba's Got a Brand New Cadillac
A3 Agent Lovelette– Burning Hot Jazz
A4 Stevie Mac– Hateful
A5 Eve Massacre– The Power of Rebelution Can't Fail
B1 Instamatic– Spanish Bombs (Over Baghdad)
B2 Manriki– A Good Profile
B3 McSleazy– Lost Souls in the Supermarket
B4 DJ Riko– Build em Up, Clamp em Down
B5 Loo And Placido*– What About Brixton?
C1 Miss Frenchie– Fuck em Boyo
C2 JoolsMF– Death or Glory (Zeitgeist Mix)
C3 Josh Console*– Koka Kola
C4 Jimmi Jammes– This Girl Wants a Cheat
D1 Pop Razors– 40 Lovers
D2 10000 Spoons– Four Hoarse Men
D3 E-Jitz– I'm Not Down (Hold Your Head Up)
D4 Poj Masta– Rapturous Revolution
D5 EzLee– Vain Mistake